Burning SHIB: The community leads the way.

Bigger Entertainment

A musician himself, Steven leads Bigger Entertainment, a record company that is heavily influenced by the new crypto markets. If you take a look at their page, is clear that their focus is on the ShibArmy community. The news, section and their lineup of products align to that specific audience.

Steven Cooper’s interest in SHIB started when he learned about Shib from a close friend. Shib was trading at 0.000007 during this time and Shibaswap hadn’t released yet. As his friend kept sharing details of what the developers were working on behind the scenes, he became more and more intrigued:

I eventually bought a large chunk and started paying attention to what the community was doing.

I have been involved in several niche communities throughout my years in the music industry. I have never taken on a role like this and had a platform of more than 1 million members.

SHIB is a community full of newcomers to crypto. So not everyone is clear on what is actually a token burn. For Steven, when he learned about the burn wallets, and the realization that literally anyone could burn their tokens, is when he saw that the community just needed a better way to burn.

I wonder: Why isn’t there a clear burn strategy amongst the community? instead of waiting for one from the developers.

I knew the developers would introduce burning sooner rather than later, but why not get the community together and get a good head start?

The burning project published periodically the burns made by all their initiatives. Good use of the nature of the blockchain; it is perfect for anyone wanting to be transparent towards a community. About this, Steven says:

The project publishes all the burns and transactions records in their website

All of our etherscan transactions are posted on our website. We post every single transaction we make.

We believe we have been transparent from day one.

We are very active on Twitter, and don’t shy away from the hard questions, we post every single transaction we do, and we are constantly open to things like AMA’s and Q&A’s that are live.

Bigger Entertainment plans to extend the burns, with initiatives that includes NFT, games, and more music. And of course, they have a vision of things to come for the ecosystem burns:

While processing all of this is when I came up with the idea of having artists, myself included, commit to donating portions of their royalties to burning. Our YouTube channel and our Games section will be our main focus for our burn strategy expansion. We believe that both of these things create variety for the community and can be just as lucrative as the playlists and burn parties.

And for the future of the ecosystem, I would be excited to see retail burning strategies at brick and mortar outlets. I would love to see clothing stores, restaurants, and others commit to burning a portion of SHIB.

I would also love to see a documentary made on SHIB’s journey that will commit to burning. We may consider this if no one else picks it up!

Initiatives driven by the community, and started from the community, are the hearth of SHIBA. It is always positive to see projects like this in the ShibArmy, because it means that it moves, and it has its own will, driven by shared vision and desires.


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