#SHIBGAME: The SHIBOSHIS naming contest

Near SHIBOSHIS launch, we launched a contest, made so all the ShibArmy could participate, no matter if you owned a SHIBOSHI or not. So we asked you for funny and creative ideas for names, since all SHIBOSHI started with a number instead of a name.

We received nearly 750 submissions, and from all that, we did some cleanup: Removed many repeated exact names (Sorry, for all the Shibinators out there) leaving only the first submission, removed double entries and some that weren’t even SHIBOSHIS themselves (we might have something for these entries later), or post that contained more than one name in the same entry.

On the other side, we allowed all entries for all users this time, and even greatly increased the time window for submissions.

All that left us with 700 entries. A nice, round number that will allow us to do our own SHIB GAME, where the contestants AND the voters can win!


Total pool:

  • Main prizes : 3 x 2,000 USD
  • Participation prizes: 15 x 100 USD

7,500 USD, that will be taken from the Contests Wallet, which also has some donated art, in case you want to buy some. All sales will be used to fund that wallet for future contests! Check it here:



3 prizes of 2,000 US Dollars each, to be paid in $SHIB, $LEASH or $BONE.


15 prizes of 100 USD each, paid in $SHIB

Everyone can vote, but only the players can have a chance to win.

How to play

The game will be played in many stages, starting with the first 5.

Each one of these 5 stages will present you with 35 chances to vote. Just browse them and have fun choosing the best ones!

But if you want to play, you will have to retweet! Do that for the poll, and you will be doing two things.

  • The retweet counts as 3 extra votes that will be added to the winner of that poll.
  • The retweet will increase your chance to get one of the 15 prizes of $100 USD in SHIB. 3 per stage.

On each stage, you will have 10 retweets that will have this power. Of course, you are free to retweet all of them but we will count only the 10 first retweets.

Each stage, 10 chances to have a bigger impact.

On the next stage this will be reset, and you will have 10 retweets again!

How winners are selected

At the end of each stage, we will know the winner entry, and the 3 lucky winners of $100 in SHIB.


We will pick the winner on each match.

Then, we will rank all the winners by number of votes, adding the extra votes for the retweets. (So the ones made popular with the players will have a better chance to win)

The one with the highest score, will win that stage!


On each stage, everyone that retweets will enter a pool. There, the number of retweets will be added to your weight. Remember that you can only increase your chances with your first 10 retweets.

3 players will be chosen from that list, and they will win $100 USD in SHIB! (They will need to provide a valid ERC20 address). You will be contacted by @shibinformer in Twitter.

So, there you have. Get ready to vote and retweet, trust your luck and have fun! Contest starts on January 5, 2022.


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