The (printable) Face of Shib

Some days ago, a member of the ShibArmy posted a mask in Twitter to show support to the idea that “anyone is a Ryoshi”, highlighting something expressed in a recent blog post : That Ryoshi, or any single personality, is not something to build upon, or to rely on. This was a powerful representation of the decentralization of $SHIB, and I liked that.

I realized that the $SHIB logo has become a symbol in and of itself- and not just in this one instance. As our holder count rapidly grows each day, the truly decentralized focus at the heart and soul of the project is becoming ever more apparent. The concept of a a single “personality” to follow, or an “invisible guiding hand” or any kind of “guru” to praise is stagnant and outdated. We put faith in the community instead.

So a couple of volunteer artists in the ShibArmy have taken up the challenge of creating a more concrete representation of this symbol. The original idea was taken to the next level, by creating a 3D printable version that can be used as a mask, or just as decoration. The artist’s expertise on 3D design and printing help them to create a version that is optimized to be accessible, to anyone with access to the right printing hardware.

The mask, represents, obviously, the visible symbol for the $SHIB token, but in the back, has another symbol, that represents the ultimate goal of this project: decentralization. The sign, in fact means to represent “the end of centralized finance”.

You can get the model yourself, and, if you have access to a 3D printer, print it! Or even adjust and modify it. Check the last section of the article for information about the printing process.

The artists and $SHIB

We contacted the artists @fauxcondor and @Benam0u. We sent them some questions to know more about the creation process, their trade and their relationship with the $SHIB community.

What can you tell us about the 3D printing scene?

F & B : It is an amazing scene, we have been part of it for a pretty long time when printers were still DIY / hacked together. This scene has immensely grown in the last years and become super accessible : now you can get a good 3D printer for $200 to $300 and print within an hour after opening the box. If you have not tried it yet just know that you will be amazed to see a print build up from scratch, even after thousands of them!

What are your thoughts about the SHIB community?

F : Thanks to @Benam0u I discovered $SHIB in march, I decided to invest some of my time to do some $SHIB related NFT and GIFs that the community would be able to use and share. I was surprised by the community support, every time I see someone sharing the visual I made, I smile to my screen like a child, and I even got to show my older sister that Nick Carter (Backstreet Boys member) shared my NFT on his tweets!

I have met tons of awesome people in the last 3 months, like «Rob» a super dedicated admin for example, and many others, that I can’t wait to high five after we land on Mars. I’ve also dedicated some of my time as an admin of the official French telegram group, to help newcomers, spread the news and explain the Woof Papers. It has been a great experience and now our group is 2,000 strong with a lot of knowledge and awesome support!

B : The $SHIB community is one of the best and most united community I’ve been part of. Despite the FUD and the recent BTC crash, the community has been very positive, supportive and trustful toward each-other and the SHIB team.

Have you participated before in a community formed around a crypto asset?
How do they compare to what you see in the ShibArmy?

F : I did get involved in the past and experiences were 50/50 with some good and some bad things like everything in life, but to be honest as a simple holder, nothing is comparable to the Shiba Inu Community, that is the best in my opinion. Of course it is not perfect, but it’s getting better everyday, more and more people take time to do their research and learn about the project and then pass that knowledge like I did.

B : For me, it’s the first time that I really joined and took part in a community while acquiring a crypto asset.

Tell us about the mask. What were your main concerns when building/designing it?

F : I started with a rough model (3D modeling is not my strong suit) and with my 3D printing knowledge, I knew I needed some help. That’s why I reached out to @Benam0u, a real professional and a friend of mine that was able to help in doing the definitive model integrating the technical aspects related to 3D printing. He successfully managed to create an awesome model, well balanced between aesthetic and ease of printing. Together we were able to make it work.

B : As a professional 3D Artist, I made sure while modeling the mask to have a clean topology (the wireframe of a 3D object) so the surface stays smooth. At the same time, I had to keep in mind that the final result must be thin and clean enough so the printing process doesn’t consume too much filament and printing time.

If you get rich with SHIB, what would you like to spend your time in?

F : I already kind of spend my time doing what I like, creating, sharing and learning, those 3 things get me out of bed early everyday.
I could have got out with a hefty amount when we broke Binance but I have already read the Woof Papers and so I knew that I was here for the long run. This project is innovative in the long term and is holders oriented, so I’m still here and will be for a while. I want to keep creating for this community.

B : If I get rich with $SHIB, I will continue to make 3D art as a living but it will permit me to be more picky on the projects that I want to work on. No more boring contracts!

Anything else to add?

F: I’ll be printing some myself and sharing pictures on the model page and Twitter. Feel free to say hi to us!

Fauxcondor :
Benam0u :

Do you want to explore, print or modify the mask yourself?

The file can be found here

Credits : @fauxcondor + @Benam0u (Twitter)

If you want to take a look, just get Blender and open the .OBJ file (File🡲Import🡲Obj)

The artists also gave us some advice on the building process.

  • Print mask on it’s back, laying flat for minimum supports.
  • Filament : PLA 350-500 grams, around 100-120 meters (depending on infill / support settings)
  • Print time : 6 to 12+ hours depending on nozzle size
  • If you use paint, I recommend to use acrylic paint on PLA.

Now go ahead, print some, modify it, improve it, share it, paint it, and show it to the world! If you wish, use the hashtag #shibaface or #IAmRyoshi when doing so.


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