Have you heard about $LEASH?

You don’t? Hmm, maybe because $SHIB has taken the spotlight. When used in ShibaSwap $LEASH is a complementary token to $SHIB, and the low number of tokens make it a perfect token for store of value. It’s price has gone up by a lot recently , and there is a lot of expectation in the $LEASH community on what will happen with it when Shibaswap releases.

We want to promote this important token much more, and we want our community, the #SHIBArmy, to lead the battle. For this reason, an anonymous benefactor put the ShibInformer team in control of a number of $LEASH tokens. Of course, our first though was about giving it back to you!

Our call to arms

How to participate:

  1. Post in Twitter using the tag #LeashToken and show us your art. Try to use other tags too to increase the reach! (Know any super millionaires or other famous dogs you want to mention too? Go ahead!)
  2. ???
  3. Profit.

Just joking about step 2. In that step, a judge will go through the submissions and pick the winners!

Where is the $LEASH prize now?

The $LEASH pool for this contest is at:


How is the prize delivered?

The same day the winners are chosen, we will contact them personally via Twitter, (so follow shibinformer in Twitter so we can DM you). In a policy that we plan to follow as much we can, no names of winners will be published by @shibtoken or @shibinformer by any contest.

Of course if you win and want to announce this to the world, you are free to do so 😉

I don’t have the talent for this contest. How can I get $LEASH?

Easy! Until Shibaswap is out, you can get it from Uniswap .

This is probably not the last contest we are going to do, so if you trust in your luck, keep your eyes open, for another contest in the future!


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