ShibaSwap: The next step for $SHIB

Part 2 : The Developer

ShibInformer was able to reach Shytoshi, a member of the ShibaSwap team, to get the inside scoop on its development. Even though ShibaSwap is still in its infancy and some of the questions we asked don’t have answers yet, he still wanted to keep the community informed and shared the following with us.

The road (so far) to ShibaSwap

Can you please introduce yourself?

I am Shytoshi. NFT artist and Product Manager of SHIBA INU.

What’s it like working with Ryoshi?

Oh man! Ryoshi is like a sensei cat with a wooden bokken that bonks me in the head often. I’m still working on catching flies with chopsticks, but seriously he’s crazy and a genius, he sticks by his convictions, is very very wise, and always completely unexpected.

I’m proud to have earned his trust as I have the rest of the community.

We know that part of what made the $SHIB launch “fair” was the lack of free tokens given to the development team. Since then, have you invested your money into this as well as your time?

Yes I’ve invested and done well with my $SHIB purchase. I don’t hold a ton of tokens but I’m happy with $SHIB thus far.

Timewise, I’ve invested way more! It is because I don’t want to let the community down.

Can you explain why there have been so few details released about ShibaSwap thus far?

Oh man! When you are the big dog, people clone, copy and scam, We’ve been working to weed out any potential scammers or spies since our Twitter was hacked to make sure that our design and secret features are still secret.

It’s been tricky because you have to understand that our team IS NOT centralized. Usually, a team is composed before anything, whereas we are building one from scratch. This means we are proceeding with the utmost caution, carefully considering each step and keeping it discrete.

Are there already plans on how to keep ShibaSwap relevant in the constantly evolving crypto world?

I can answer this question saying that this is not just about a Swap. This is about building a true community. The Swap is a part of the plan to have an entire ecosystem for that community.

Will we be seeing any burns or airdrops? Why or why not?

We can’t burn tokens we don’t have. Could we set up a burn for each transaction, etc., like we see with our clones? SURE. Can I burn all your tokens? How would feel about losing a percentage of your holdings? I wouldn’t like that. Some people value their $SHIBs a lot. So I think a more elegant solution will need to be employed

However, I won’t say no burn. I think a fairer thing to say is: once ShibaSwap arrives, burning tokens will be the last thing on anyone’s mind… And by them we might have a fun way to burn some.

Any release date for SHIBASWAP?

We just announced a tentative date. Late April of 2021. And please notice the “late” part. I would hate to see people asking on the night of March 31 “When Shibaswap?” repeatedly.

Ins there anything else you would like to say to the community?

When it’s ready you will see why we were so secretive. And I think that people will appreciate it.


We hope this helped you quench your thirst for the latest $SHIB news. We want to express our gratitude to both the investor and Shytoshi taking the time to answer our questions.

As the release date gets closer, you can bet we will be publishing a follow-up article that digs deep into questions about $LEASH, ShibaSwap, the $SHIB tokenomics, and the concrete features of ShibaSwap.

Image credits:

  • All-Night Coding with TabascoEye” by phil_fry is licensed under CC BY-NC-ND 2.0
  • “Crypto Currencies’ Red Sea” by Jim Makos is licensed under CC BY-ND 2.0


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