ShibaSwap: The next step for $SHIB

Article written in collaboration with @The_MissLeo.

If this is the first time you’ve heard the name SHIB, here’s what makes it remarkable: $SHIB isn’t your standard cryptocurrency. It’s an experiment out to prove that a decentralized community can be the catalyst for the next meaningful evolution in the crypto world by building something exceptional, powerful, and technologically advanced. This concept, which is the heart of $SHIB, is so profound that new tokens ($FEG, $AKITA, $HUSKY, among others) are popping up constantly, proudly stating that they are forked from $SHIB’s unique perspective. The fact that more than half of the $SHIB supply has been “burned” into Vitalik Buterin’s wallet makes it even more special, ensuring that there will be no rug pull, something that sadly has become too common these days.

While the $SHIB community is as varied as it is vibrant, one thing they all have in common is the desire to learn more about the exciting future that’s just on the horizon. Luckily, we at ShibInformer share the sentiment! That’s why we took some time to interview one of the top $SHIB investors (also known as a “whale“), and one of the minds working on bringing ShibaSwap to life. These two perspectives are especially crucial in this instance, because no project can make history without a visionary team and a group of dedicated investors working collectively towards success. By looking at the following answers, holders are given a glimpse at the treasure Ryoshi has buried at the end of the path.

Get ready for a long, informative read! Follow along by using the big, bright buttons at the end of each page!


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